Semi Truck Repair in Amarillo, TX

BDM Services brings truckers more than two decades of mechanical experience when it comes to the repair and maintenance of their diesel truck and trailer. With abilities that encompass your engine, truck and trailer, spanning repairs, fabrication and complete mechanical overhauls, we’re the authority on semi truck service:

  • Diesel engine repair: We’re your diesel experts, capable of fixing just about anything when it comes to your Cummins, Duramax or Power Stroke diesel engine. Truckers call us for diesel engine repair in Amarillo, TX because they know we’ll work fast and accurately, giving your engine what it needs to keep on chugging along.
  • Diesel truck repair: Problems with your truck can lead you stranded on the side of the road, frustrated and behind schedule. Whether it’s a problem with wheels and brakes or drivetrain troubles, choosing us for diesel truck repair in Amarillo, TX means getting the oversight you need to get back on the road to your destination.
  • Trailer repair: Trailer repairs can’t be handled by just any mechanic. Our shop has more than two decades of experience in delivering trailer repairs—everything from reefer repair to custom welding for gates and frames.
  • Welding and fabrication: In-house welding expertise makes us the go-to shop for custom repairs of all types. We offer the fabrication solutions your unique truck and trailer demand, so you can drive confidently with your cargo in-tow.
  • Trailer brakes: When you stop, your trailer needs to stop too. Turn to BDM Services for brake work that gives your trailer all of the stopping power it needs! We specialize in trailer brakes, helping keep truckers and drivers safe on the road.
  • Mechanical overhauls: Our abilities aren’t confined to just basic repairs and part replacements. With a fully-equipped shop and full staff of professionals, we’re also able to provide buildouts and assemblies for nearly any aspects of your machinery.

Give your diesel engine and semi truck the care and attention they deserve when the time for service comes due! Schedule an appointment with BDM Services today by calling 806-622-2620.

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